Our goal is to create the old new thing as most other cryptos are. We all simply copy stuff from Bitcoin and pretend we're doing something special. However, regarding our coin we're not only developing a cryptocurrency, but also providing tools for mining, faucets, explorers, and a mobile wallet. We want to create a space where people interested in the inner workings of cryptos can come together, share code, experiment, and maybe even create their own cool coin.

Nonetheless, this currency is as scarce as Litecoin, it has all the features activated, and it therefore only depends on the people using it. There is nothing it can't do like any other cryptocurrency.


Like most other cryptocurrencies we use the C++ programming language and several open source libraries. In mobile development we use Java for Android and Swift for iOS.


Unlike many other altcoins we don't want to present you a myriad of good intentions but rather a few clearly defined goals. One of them was the development of our mobile SPV client which is now available on Google Play.


No, we are not an ICO! We are a cryptocurrency similar to Bitcoin and Litecoin. We're neither a security nor a utility token. And we also don't have any airdrops. The proper way to obtain ACM coins is via mining or by trading them on the exchanges.


You can download wallets for Windows, Mac, Linux, and the supported mobile devices.

v0.15.2.2 - seed nodes release

v0.15.2.2 - seed nodes release

v0.15.2.2 - seed nodes release

v1.0.0 - SPV Wallet

Coming Soon!

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We strive to create the best Altcoin

Let's Work Together

Meet our Team

Well, the team is currently only one person, me, Harris. However, unlike many other altcoins I am not anonymous and if in future other developers join ACM they will be public as well. I think that investors have a right to know the people representing the coin. Yes, I know, the standard excuse is very often "But Satoshi never revealed himself.". However, unlike us, who merely copied Bitcoin's original code, Satoshi created something extraordinary and he/she/they had every right to remain hidden.


Harris Brakmic

Software Developer

Harris Brakmic

Software Developer