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Actinium is a cryptocurrency designed to be convenient, functional and secure.

Featuring an active Lightning Network, Hardware Wallet integration, Mobile Wallets, Tor Browser capabilities, as well as maintaining a heavy focus on education and every day application, Actinium aims to make blockchain technology useful for everyone.

The Actinium Network is dedicated to sustaining a foundation of transparency and trust, which is why the project was launched fairly, meaning there is no pre-mine, no ICO, no pre-launch funding and no developer rewards of any sort associated with this project—whatsoever.


Additionally, Actinium is completely decentralized featuring an open-source codebase available for review, critique, and change from anyone.

The full breadth of the blockchain industry has yet to be realized which is why the development of Actinium remains perpetual and ever-expanding.

Designed to continuously incorporate innovative new features accordingly. The future of blockchain technology is bright and The Actinium Network strives to be equally radiant by ensuring its users have access to all the advantages this industry has to offer, both now and in the future.

Coin specs

Maximum Supply: 84 million
Block time: 2.5 minutes
Algorithm: Lyra2z
Diff Retarget: 3.5 days
Diff Readjustment (on each block): LWMA Algorithm
Block reward: 50 ACM
Halving: every 840,000 blocks (approx. 4 years)
Symbol: ACM

No premine. No developer rewards. No airdrop, ICO and similar things.

Miner Calculator

Per hour: {{(getACMPerDay() / 24).toFixed(2)}} ACM ( {{(getUSDPerDay() / 24).toFixed(2)}} $ )
Per day: {{getACMPerDay().toFixed(2)}} ACM ({{getUSDPerDay()}} $)
Per week: {{(getACMPerDay() * 7).toFixed(2)}} ACM ({{(getUSDPerDay() * 7).toFixed(2)}} $)
Per month: {{(getACMPerDay() * 30).toFixed(2)}} ACM ({{(getUSDPerDay() * 30).toFixed(2)}} $)
Per year: {{(getACMPerDay() * 365).toFixed(2)}} ACM ({{(getUSDPerDay() * 365).toFixed(2)}} $)

These data are calculated based on the hashing of your miner and the current state of the network.


On using Actinium
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Meet the team

Unlike many other altcoins we are not anonymous.

We think that investors have a right to know the people representing the coin. Yes, the standard excuse is very often 'But Satoshi never revealed himself'.

However, unlike us, who are building things based on Bitcoin's original code, Satoshi created something extraordinary and he/she/they had every right to remain hidden.


Harris Brakmic

Harris Brakmic


Software Gardener. 🤖

Pablo Cáceres

Pablo Cáceres

Web Designer

Web maintainer. Fan of 360º photography. 😹



Community Leader

Mining expert/support, ask him anything. ⛏

Bronson Chapman

Bronson Chapman

Lead Editor

I like books and making words Go.