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Actinium is more than a crypto currency.

Actinium is a decentralized currency built on blockchain technology that aims to help bring crypto into every customer’s pocket, every store, and be extraordinarily safe and easy to use.

This can be achieved because Actinium is a Lightning Network supported coin that will allow instant transactions with near-zero fees, atomic swaps, and many of the numerous other 2nd Layer solutions.


Actinium is completely decentralized without premine and is not an ICO. It has proper mining support, mobile wallets, and hardware wallet integration.

Actinium has all the needed features already activated to achieve Lightning Network compatibility.

Actinium will not remain a blockchain-only cryptocurrency. The inevitable progress will deliver competing solutions to many problems on different layers.

Coin specs

Maximum Supply: 84 million
Block time: 2.5 minutes
Algorithm: Lyra2z
Diff Retarget: 3.5 days
Diff Readjustment (on each block): LWMA Algorithm
Block reward: 50 ACM
Halving: every 840,000 blocks (approx. 4 years)
Symbol: ACM

No premine. No developer rewards. No airdrop, ICO and similar things.

Miner Calculator

Per hour: {{(getACMPerDay() / 24).toFixed(2)}} ACM ( {{(getUSDPerDay() / 24).toFixed(2)}} $ )
Per day: {{getACMPerDay().toFixed(2)}} ACM ({{getUSDPerDay()}} $)
Per week: {{(getACMPerDay() * 7).toFixed(2)}} ACM ({{(getUSDPerDay() * 7).toFixed(2)}} $)
Per month: {{(getACMPerDay() * 30).toFixed(2)}} ACM ({{(getUSDPerDay() * 30).toFixed(2)}} $)
Per year: {{(getACMPerDay() * 365).toFixed(2)}} ACM ({{(getUSDPerDay() * 365).toFixed(2)}} $)

These data are calculated based on the hashing of your miner and the current state of the network.


Download Actinium for any platform
Windows macOS Linux Android iOS Paper Wallet


Download a miner for your architecture AMD or nVidia
TdxMiner T-Rex SgMiner coolMiner CCminer

Explorers, Tools, & Stats

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Faucet BitcoinTalk ANN Explorer Explorer 2 Chainmapper AltExplorer Live Coin Watch CoinGecko


On using Actinium
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Desktop Wallets

Finished Q1 2018

  • Progress...

Windows macOS Linux


Smartphone Wallets

On going Q2 2018

  • Progress...

Android iOS

Ledger Nano

On going Q2 2018

  • Progress...

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Meet the team

Unlike many other altcoins we are not anonymous.

We think that investors have a right to know the people representing the coin. Yes, the standard excuse is very often 'But Satoshi never revealed himself'.

However, unlike us, who are building things based on Bitcoin's original code, Satoshi created something extraordinary and he/she/they had every right to remain hidden.


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Harris Brakmic


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Pablo Cáceres

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